How do I know she will like the battlebox? 

We believe most women, whether undergoing chemotherapy or not, would enjoy the contents of the battlebox. That's the point! While the products and items are specifically tailored for women undergoing treatment, they also have to pass the test of being luxe, all-natural and totally fabulous. 

Will the products work for her? 

The battleboxes have been designed to be "one-size-fits-all" in the sense that the products and items can fit into any woman's routine. We carefully curated each piece with a focus on being safe and relevant to her situation, while still being a powerful and effective tool to help with common symptoms of chemotherapy. So long answer short, YES, we believe these items will work for her! 

Does it matter where she is in her treatment (e.g., newly diagnosed or already a seasoned, chemo warrior)? 

It's always lovely to receive a beautiful and thoughtful gift at the beginning of treatment, as this is such an emotional and scary time. However, cancer treatment is a journey, and even if the drugs have technically stopped dripping, the mind + body are still very much processing their existence. The battlebox is designed to infuse a little bit of beauty and a whole lot of love into that journey, and that can happen at any time. 

What else can I do for her? 

Just be there for her. We know that is broad and vague, so here's our best tip: always treat her like the woman she is, and never like a cancer patient. Trust us, she has plenty of medical professionals,  uncomfortable symptoms and annoying co-workers that remind her of her situation all too often. What she likely needs is YOU reminding her of who she really is and making her smile.

Will my purchase help the fight against cancer? 

We sure hope so! A portion of every battlebox sale will go to support cancer research. Our first donation is slated to support the amazing doctors and researchers at Stanford Hospital who have dedicated their lives to helping women like Kate overcome a cancer diagnosis.