Kate Craft Headshot.jpg

As a 28 year-old diagnosed with invasive Breast Cancer, Kate made it her mission to make the dreaded chemo journey as comfortable and stylish as possible. With so many variables out of her control, this exterior effort became one of the few ways to fight back and help protect herself from both the emotional and superficial punches that chemo was so relentlessly throwing. As Kate learned, chemotherapy requires a unique arsenal of products and supplies to help a woman cope with the seemingly never-ending list of side effects. Through this first-hand experience (and lots of trial + error), the idea of the battlebox was born.

Project Battlebox strives to combat the ugliness of chemotherapy by providing a healthy dose of luxury and femininity for women facing this battle. A highly curated collection of relevant and safe products will not only provide the necessary ammo for her battle, but will infuse her fight with some much needed beauty. The battlebox is intended to be a thoughtful and elegant gesture to help lift her spirits and allow her to feel less like a cancer patient, and more like her lovely self.